Monday, January 2, 2012

A Blanket of White Falling From the Sky

Cookie and BonBon were so disappointed the other day because the snow that fell was so meager. BonBon especially was angry - she's at that age where everything is a catastrophe worthy of an all out meltdown. Well, today I think they will have nothing to complain about. It's snowing, and snowing, and snowing. Big, fluffy flakes of snow coating everything.

As for winter though the cold makes me sad I, like the girls, would rather see a blanket of bright white covering the dreary grayness left behind by the fall. Somehow I find it makes the long, cold, almost lonely winter more tolerable. Having little ones to enjoy the snow with you and remind you what it feels like to be a kid helps.

Once they wake from their nap I can only imagine their reaction will be pure jubilation seeing what is going on outside the walls of our warm little home. BonBon is probably going to run to her shoe box and pull out her snow boots without any thought about the fact that it's getting dark and it's VERY cold and windy. Tomorrow morning I'll probably take them outside for a little bit to play once the winds die down a bit. On the west side of the house we usually get massive drifts built up and if there is one they'll have a ball playing in there.

We'll have to take advantage of it soon because the weather is shifting for the end of the week. Temperatures near 50 and full sun are going to melt the winter wonderland away. Better for driving, but not so good for building snowmen.


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