Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Your Family, Your Choice | Ecostore

Why Conscientious Parents Should Care About Safe Products and Full Disclosure of Ingredients There is so much build up in the media today about  Your Family, Your Choice | Ecostore

This article made me think of the warning we heard a few years ago about being careful about which products we should believe are organic.  The facts held within really made me cringe at the thought of what I might be exposing my family to.  As a stay-at-home mom I was mortified to read that women who work from home are 50% more likely to suffer from poor air quality and die from cancer. Uh, what about our kids that are home with us???

Our food, air, health and beauty products and cleaning products are under assault by corporations penchant for using synthetic, and toxic ingredients just to make their products cheaper.  They throw safety out the window in exchange for effectiveness.

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