Sunday, November 17, 2013

Daily Edition: Education Starts at Home 11/17/13

State Ed. Agrees to Ban Standardized Testing in Pre-K to 2nd grade? - Finding Common Ground - Education Week

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Education Week - There was a time when students were taught how to take a test. They were taught what questions to do first, how to find the best answer, and how they should support their argument. After all, tests...

Rethinking Teacher Roles in a New Networked World - Teaching Now - Education Week Teacher

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Education Week - The speech—seemingly a patchwork of highlights from his various books—then went on to offer Prensky's newest buzzword "futurecation," which he says involves preparing students to do things "we coul...

Obamacare Troubles Used To Ring Ominous Bells for Common-Core Tests - Curriculum Matters - Education Week

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Education Week - As long as I've been writing about the forthcoming common assessments, there has been concern about states' and districts' technological capacity to manage large-scale online testing. Those convers...

Education Week Teacher: Community Forums

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Education Week - Let your voice be heard. Our discussion forums, open to all users with free registration, are intended to provide a space where readers can ask questions, share ideas and solutions, and engage in c...

Education Week: The Life of an Inner-City Teacher

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Education Week - <a href='' >The Life of an Inner-City Teacher</a> In movies, the urban teacher is generally portrayed...

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