Monday, December 9, 2013

Education Starts At Home 12/9/13

Closing the Motivation Gap - Vander Ark on Innovation - Education Week

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Education Week - Now that the world's knowledge is widely and freely available, why are we still so largely uneducated? Why are there still big employment skill gaps? Why is civic knowledge so low? Why is the wealt...

Video Documentary: A Long Road Back to the 'Rez' - Education Week

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Education Week - A starkly beautiful place, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is home to the Oglala Lakota Nation where education for most remains a yet-to-be fulfilled promise for moving families out of profound p...

Lions, Tigers, and Mating Polar Bears, Oh My! 2nd Grade Researchers Writing to Read - Teaching for Triumph: Reflections of a 21st-Century ELL Teacher - Education Week Teacher

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Education Week - Kids understand what they create. With the Common Core shift toward informational text, it isn't enough for kids to read more nonfiction. They need to write research papers, manuals, advertisements...

Education Week Teacher: Community Forums

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Education Week - Let your voice be heard. Our discussion forums, open to all users with free registration, are intended to provide a space where readers can ask questions, share ideas and solutions, and engage in c...

Will the Common Core be the Rosetta Stone for Corporate Reform? - Living in Dialogue - Education Week Teacher

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Education Week -  In the year 1799, a French soldier discovered an ancient stone in Egypt that had been inscribed with a royal proclamation in the year 196 BC, in three languages; Ancient Greek, Demotic, and  Ancie...

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