Friday, March 2, 2012

Dealing with Tantrums and your Toddler

Dealing with Tantrums and your Toddler

Finally! A parent that feels the same way I do about tantrums. My girls are so very different from each other. My oldest is eager to please and very mindful. My youngest is self-willed, stubborn and will push the envelope constantly. It is a struggle to get past the nagging, whining and all out tantrums of our youngest. Time outs have become my new best friend because she HATES them. She always comes out smiling and apologetic. Hopefully it will finally get through to her that the smiling and happy girl is what we need her to be ALL the time.

I've noticed that the tantrums don't happen at home very often, but when we are among friends and when people drop in at the house. All of a sudden she wants mommy and she is not quiet about it. I KNOW she is a manipulator. She knows that she will not get the attention from me she is seeking if she throws a fit, but inevitably someone will come over to her and ask her, "What's wrong little one?" Oh how I wish I could tell them to take a hike. You are only giving her exactly what she wants - to be the center of attention. What she does is freaks out even more vociferously with the crying and yelling (no kicking, thank goodness) in an effort to force me to acquiesce.

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