Friday, March 2, 2012

Toddler-Tailored Workouts

Toddler-Tailored Workouts

More toddler tailored workouts from Quality Health. The ideas in this article are very similar to the previous with the added benefit or suggestion of reinforcing the exercise with playful music and reading activities. As with anything making the subject run the course of the day will make a super impact on the little growing minds of our toddlers.

It's all to easy to let the television be the babysitter, but we have to take responsibility for our children's development - intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Looking at my little one I see that in body type and shape she is my carbon copy. Right now I am very overweight and struggling to get that weight off. I know that if I don't start emphasizing the importance of exercise now to both my girls they are going to have very difficult teenage and early adulthood years struggling with body image. I have to continually remind my oldest that though she is not as "padded" as her baby sister she should never, never, never, ever call her fat or chubby. We don't want to bring negative attention to something she only has partial control over. If she is anything like me she will never be dainty and svelt, but curvaceous and strong. She and I have to work together to form a healthy relationship with the body type we have inherited and find the best way to work with it.

Daily I try to emphasize how healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are good for you and help you grow big and strong. We need to eat our proteins so that our muscles, bones and brains grow. That sweets are OK in small portions and not very frequently because if we eat too much our teeth will go bad and it puts us in a really bad mood (believe me it does). Don't get me wrong, we have lapses in our (my) will-power and we'll make cookies, cake, muffins or cupcakes (not all at once :-P). I just don't want that to be a running theme in our house like it was in my grandmother's house and even in my own growing up even though I had a mother who could not eat sugar. My dad could and he ate it to reckless abandon - still does today.

So, even though I was never really encouraged to exercise and was surrounded by sweets constantly which led to being overweight as a teenager and constantly picked on that I wasn't a twiggy like the rest I am going to try and change that trend. Everything in moderation. Love the body you have and learn to work with it. Physical activity is necessary for our growth physically and mentally.

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