Thursday, October 14, 2010

Black & White & Pink All Over - New Blog Design

Thanks to the wonderful designers at The Cutest Blog on the Block this blog is sporting a new blog design in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness for the rest of October.  DH and I have been noticing pink everywhere.  In magazines, on our Cascade dishwashing detergent, on our Yoplait Yogurt and our MultiGrain Cheerios there were Pink Ribbons.  DH doesn't pay much attention to that kind of stuff, but when he noticed that the detergent in the little Cascade ampules was pink it made him perk up.  He said, "Why is that pink?  Is the stuff different?"  To which I replied, "Only for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Look at the package."  So, just in case you haven't noticed all the pink around you in the stores, in the mail and online here is one more reminder to remember your friends, family and even strangers who have suffered with this disease and to those lucky ones who have survived to tell their tale. 

Maybe I haven't been paying attention to other places, but the "pink together" logo and ribbons on packages I've recently purchased really made me take notice.  I didn't realize that they had a website or that it was more than a logo!  Well, their marketing is working.  Visit Pink Together for more information on sponsors and how we can help.

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