Friday, October 15, 2010

Is It In the Genes?

Is it in the Genes?

Yesterday evening while DH and I were watching Rehab Addict on DIY network I asked him a question.  "What in their upbringing led these two siblings and their cousin to have such an affinity for remodeling and building?"  The rehab addict had recruited her brother and cousin to go to Minneapolis from Detroit to help finish a remodel/rehabilitation of an older home that was taking longer than expected.  When they arrived they, the brother and cousin, noticed that there was a lot of work that had to be redone because the initial contractors had botched the job.  As you watched and listened you could tell they were very particular about their work and that it would get done right the first time.  That was what made me curious.  Why are they both, or all three, given to such types of work?

DH answered, "Maybe it's something inherited."  He comes from a long line of carpenters, contractors and entrepreneurs of which he has done all of the above.  When it comes to building and remodeling he is very good at it.  The funny thing is it was on his mother's side that the construction experience lie.  His father was a telephone technician for Sprint and never did too much construction.  His father dabbled in plumbing and electrical work around the house.  DH's exposure to construction and contracting did not come in to play until he was a teenager.  This is when he discovered he had an affinity for it.

Also, yesterday I received an email message from DH about an 8 year old art prodigy that has sold $250,000 worth of art.  I was expecting mostly abstract art with little true form.  When I read the article and looked at the paintings in the slideshow I was simply amazed.  Some pieces were abstract, but most were very thoughtful and imaginative.  Beautiful.  Near the end of the article it mentioned that there have been at least three of her ancestors in the past 100 years that have been influential artists.  Her mother claims it is a matter of simply exposure.  I believe exposure to the media (art, music, numbers, etc.) is necessary, but if there is no natural affinity would the same results occur?

These are just my "pensamientos matutinos".  I haven't had a chance to research on the subject, but when I do I'll be sure to share my findings with you.  What do you think about this?  Have your children exhibited natural ability that you can attribute to something they may have inherited?

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