Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update: More Breast Cancer Awareness & Donation Sites

DH, the kiddies and I all like eating yogurt.  Our favorites are the Yoplait cups and the Dannon tubs (I use the plain for cooking and the vanilla for smoothies).  I discovered that there are websites printed on the lids for other breast cancer awareness sites. Also, while looking throught the Sunday paper I found the Proctor and Gamble site.  I actually visited their corporate website last week and could find no mention of it.  Oh, well.  We have it now.

Yoplait -
Dannon -
Proctor & Gamble -

The Dannon Cups of Hope site also offers a place to fill in the code from the underside of the Dannon container lid.  For every code they donate $.10 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.  I don't understand why Yoplait doesn't do something similar.  They want us to collect and send back every lid.  Needless to say this drives DH CRAZY.  He hates saving little things like that.  Sending in the lids is OK if you don't ahve access to enter the codes, but a code would be nice so you could dispose of the lid ASAP instead of keeping it around til you have enough to send.  How many people would likely forget to mail them by the due date?


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    General Mills is doing something too - it was in my grocery stores ad flyer so it is worth a look. It is a $5/$5 rebate for Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch and when you submit it they will also donate $2 towards Breast Cancer research.

  2. Awesome find! Thanks LittlePeopleWealth :)


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